Safety Training/Contracts


We're here to be your trusted partner: your voice in safety.

From discounted resources, safety courses and training, 24/7-assistance, the free STEP program, and new this year: the ABC of Iowa/OSHA Alliance and the Members-Only Safety Forum, we are here to be your go-to for all things safety - we surround our members with resources and training that fits the needs of each individual company.

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Safety Contracts:

ABC of Iowa will perform the OSHA Compliance Audits
These audits can alert you to oversights & shortcomings that OSHA would have cited. OSHA regulations that are applicable to your workplace are identified. After the audit, your company will be given a checklist of potential problems and specific guidelines for meeting OSHA compliance needs.

ABC of Iowa Will Provide Safety Training Classes & Seminars
Your company will be provided with OSHA compliance specific programs to meet your company needs.

Update Your Policies & Procedures
Be sure that your policies & procedures comply with federal, state and local health and safety regulations.

Safety Meetings
Conduct safety meetings on your job site or at your office and leave the planning to ABC of Iowa.