Daily Safety Resources


Safety Video Library
$200-450/Year ($1000+ savings!)
In an effort to make effective safety, training and HR videos easily accessible to members, ABC of Iowa's Safety Council has secured a partnership with Training Network Now, offering one of the largest online libraries in the market today.

Product Details
- Easy to watch, cost-effective, regularly updated video service.
- Searchable by topic to cater to your needs, and to make teaching safety easy and effective.
- Many titles available in Spanish.


"We can't always be everywhere to do face-to-face training and having this resource for our site management to use helps them train their personnel. The videos are very thorough and current, so it keeps the attention of the viewer."
Ian Seuser, Safety Director, Interstates

"This service includes videos and test forms for a wide variety of safety topics. When the ever-expanding safety requirements being presented with each new project, it is a very valuable resource."
Chad Gourley, Safety Coordinator, ACI Mechanical, Inc.

"These videos are up to date and of very good quality - perfect for quick, on-the-spot training."
Jamison Carr, Safety Coordinator, Kline Electric