Iowa Opportunity Alliance

Iowa Opportunity Alliance

This organization is used to help with legislative battles at the Iowa Capitol. Iowa Opportunity Alliance (IOA) can accept corporate contributions. It is a 501(C)(4) organization.

Why is it important?

The battles we are fighting in Iowa are not small ones. We are working to keep a state prevailing wage from becoming law. We are protecting Iowa's Right to Work law. We are stopping extremely costly workers compensation changes from passing. When so much is at stake, we must be prepared to fight from every angle.

What will IOA do?

The money raised by IOA will be used to protect the merit shops in Iowa from union-backed legislation. The money may be used for advertising campaigns and grassroots efforts that target the key legislators who will decide the fate of legislation at the capitol. For legislative battles, we may determine that local radio ads, newspaper ads, and a paid phone call program will help us achieve victory. In the past these issues were not possible - that is why we are changing our approach. We've created this organization so that it can receive corporate donations for these important strategic activities.


Questions? Contact Sandra Conlin