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We are extremely excited to announce a new member and employee savings discount program that will help employees keep more money in their pockets and less in the hands of retailers. ABC Marketplace is a one-stop shop for discounts available to members, employees and their families. The savings include an extensive list of over 20,000 retailers on large ticket items and also typical purchases such as:
  • Groceries
  • Restaurants
  • Movie Tickets
  • Electronics
  • Travel Items and More!
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Member Discounts

Did You Know...?

Through ABC's Member Discount Program, member companies and employees can take advantage of products and services from partners that have been researched, and carefully evaluated to make sure that the offerings meet our high standards of service and quality with the goal of saving you money and reducing costs.

  1. ABC Members saved over $28 million in 2015

  2. ABC Members saved $1.8 million with the FedEx discount program

  3. Your family can save on vehicles with FCA/Chrysler

  4. Verizon has over 60,000 lines on the ABC discount program

  5. Aramark has logo t-shirts for as low as $3.75

  6. ABC now has a hotel discount program with Wyndham Hotel Group

  7. ABC Marketplace has over 2,900 users with an annual savings of $95,421

  8. Movie tickets are up to 35% off on ABC Marketplace

  9. Current and new Geico policyholders can get auto insurance discounts

  10. GM discounts can be combined with any public promotion

  11. The average member in the Contractors Plan saves about $25,000 annually on insurance

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