A safety culture is an organizational culture that places a high level of importance on safety beliefs, values and attitudes — and these are shared by most people within the company or workplace. It can be characterized as “the way we do things around here”. A positive safety culture can result in improved workplace health and safety and organizational performance.

By conducting a Safety Culture Perception Survey, companies are provided with insightful information on the differences in perceptions from top to bottom, including employees, managers, and leadership teams. In some cases, it is beneficial to inform and involve customers, suppliers and partners. Everyone can and should have an equal role in making this happen as all will harvest the benefits in essentially equal measure.

When it comes to improving your organization’s health and safety program, we must begin by understanding your company’s current state. Please join us for a webinar on February 14 at 2:00 PM where we’ll discuss the following:


  • What is a culture or safety culture?
  • Why conduct the assessment?
  • The assessment process.
  • Assessment outcomes.

Attendees will leave with seven concrete steps to begin the safety culture assessment process. If you are unable to make this webinar time, the webinar will be recorded so you may access at your convenience. 


Hosted by Holmes Murphy & Associates, Inc.

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